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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lobby of Council 16 March
Save our Schools will be lobbying the Education Committee of Glasgow City Council on Thursday 16 March. Meet at 12 noon in front of the City Chambers. Bring placards and come out in force to tell the councillors that we have not given up and are not going to go away.
Marion, 9:25 AM


Good luck all you parents back in Scotland fighting to keep the primary schools open. I attended Carnwadric Primary myself till 1970 and was dismayed to read of your plight. In the last few years we (in Melbourne)have had the same round of herding all the kids into bigger classes miles away from home, is it better for them -no! do they get a better education - no! It seems as though you are on the same slippery slide as us in Australia where education is for those who can pay for it and all the potential of the rest is well...I wont rabbit on, just wish you all the best in your just and noble cause. Rab McQuarrie. ex pupil at Carndook Primary.
Anonymous Rab McQuarrie, at 3:10 PM  

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