Glasgow Save our Schools Campaign

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

lobby from 12 noon in front of the City Chambers.

There is an Education Services Committee meeting this coming Thursday 27th. We will lobby as usual from 12 noon in front of the City Chambers.I hope you'll do your best to attend this if at all possible. It's really important that we continue to show the councillors we are not going away. It's most likely that pressure wil be being put on them as we speak by the MSPs on the petitions committee after their meeting with Susan, Pauline and the others, and it's important for us to remain visible to remind them they need to take heed ...

Also, it was clear from the first of the 'shared catchment area' meetings last night that the officials have been briefed to make it clear that the previous consultation / decision should not be discussed at these meetings - what a shame for them that everyone present discussed it anyway!

See you on Thursday with your placards



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