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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

lobby from 12 noon in front of the City Chambers.

There is an Education Services Committee meeting this coming Thursday 27th. We will lobby as usual from 12 noon in front of the City Chambers.I hope you'll do your best to attend this if at all possible. It's really important that we continue to show the councillors we are not going away. It's most likely that pressure wil be being put on them as we speak by the MSPs on the petitions committee after their meeting with Susan, Pauline and the others, and it's important for us to remain visible to remind them they need to take heed ...

Also, it was clear from the first of the 'shared catchment area' meetings last night that the officials have been briefed to make it clear that the previous consultation / decision should not be discussed at these meetings - what a shame for them that everyone present discussed it anyway!

See you on Thursday with your placards


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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Save our schools day in parliament

Straight from Parlament download the debate in living colour - Well worth the listen
Hi all,

Just thought I would write a wee bit about how things went yesterday. We were invited to speak at 10am, and were told at the beginning of the hearing that the Petitions Committee was short on time, which left us all feeling a wee bit dismayed to say the least!
However, when we started to speak and put our point across, I really feel we more than grabbed their attention, because we didn't finish til 11.o4am! We were all given way more than our 3 minutes and the petitions committee were, for the most part, really good, and made us feel comfortable. Jackie Baillie M.S.P and Charlie Gordon M.S.P were not so nice. Whaddyaknow? They are both Labour M.S.Ps!Anyway, we got a lot of support from Rosie Kane M.S.P (Scottish Socialist Party), Sandre White M.S.P (Scottish National Party), Alex Neil M.S.P (Scottish National Party), Caroline Leckie M.S.P (Scottish Socialist Party) and Campbell Martin (Independent). It was great to hear people who seemed to be sympathetic to the situation, and I personally will be e-mailing each one of them and thank them for their support. I think it would be a great gesture if we all e-mailed and thanked them! I really do believe they were appalled at the treatment of parents in both Glasgow and North Lanarkshire.
We all left feeling very positive and really good, because we were all quite nervous, but I think the 4 of us who spoke done really well. We all felt we said everything we needed to say. We were all given a fair hearing, I feel.

Afterwards we spoke to the B.B.C, the Holyrood press officer, the Herald, Southside News and the Evening Times. We went outside and waved our banners too, and that picture is in todays E.T.

Anyway, you can see for what happened yourself if you log on to the Scottish Parliament website and click on Holyrood T.V, then click on petitions committee, then click committee room 6, then click on archives. I'm not that great and pasting web addresses onto e-mails, sorry! They only keep the footage for a month though, so be quick!

I really dont know what will happen now, but as soon as I know anything, I will let you all know.

Take care,

Pauline Gilgallon

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

BBC NEWS | Scotland | School closures consultation call

Monday, April 17, 2006

GCC Education Services have circulated a letter on the proposed change to non-denominational primary school catchment areas in the West End.

GCC Education Services have circulated a letter on the proposed change to non-denominational primary school catchment areas in the West End.

The Council is seeking comments on the proposal in writing, using the response sheet no later than Friday 12 May 2006.

Public meetings to discuss the proposal will be held in:

Hyndland Primary School on Monday 24 April at 7pm
Oakgrove Primary School on Tuesday 25 April at 7pm
Anderston primary School on Thursday 27 April at 7pm

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Parents unite in fight to save city schools - The Herald 6 April