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Monday, March 19, 2007

Overcrowded Schools Protest

Hi All

Come and protest against overcrowded schools on this Wednesday 21st March at 3pm at Dowanhill Primary!

All schools are affected: the figures don't add up for the new Notre Dame (see below) so children who'll be going to that school will be getting a raw deal; and any question hanging over the new Notre Dame also raises questions over the centalisation plans for the whole west end.

So everyone please read on and get involved - 17 months on the fight is not over - we can't let the council away with shortchanging their city's children.

Several months ago the campaign steering group pointed out to the council that their figures for the capacity of the Dowanhill building (337) and the projected roll of the new Notre Dame Primary (434) didn't add up. Several media sources including the Herald picked this up and challenged the council on it.

We finally heard back from the council that in actual fact their plans are based on not the 'working capacity' of Dowanhill (i.e. the number fo children the building could hold at present), but the 'planning capacity' (i.e. the number of children it could potentially hold if it were remodelled) which is 560. I'm sure you'll agree the difference between the figures is quite astounding and doesn't look good for children's education.

The 'planning capacity' involves, at the council's own admission, returning the building to as close to its original configuration as possible. It is worth remembering that Dowanhill was built in the 1890s - real forward thinking by our education planners then ...

There will be more, smaller classrooms. This will mean class sizes at the legal limit and much less room per child for both learning and social interaction than exists in the building as it is at present.

Due to the building having been 'C' listed, they don't have the option of a new build (and even if they did playground space would undoubtedly be sacrificed).

There is plenty here to continue to challenge the council on. So please join in on Wednesday and let them see how scandalous you think their plans are.

I'm attaching a leaflet advertising Wednesday's protest - please distribute it at the school gates and among your friends and neighbours.

See you on Wednesday with placards and banners! The plan is to illustrate overcrowded schooling with the aid of Heather's children's tent!

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