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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Protest - Tomorrow at the City Chambers - As the councillors discuss the fate of our schools

The lobby!! 12noon city chambers. (Thur.) Bring placards and banners. The banner from the march will be there so we should benice and visible. A good showing tomorrow is really important the council or the ruling labour group at least may be expecting us to accept that they've made some concessions and stop our protest. We must make it clear that the 'concessions' are completely unsatisfactory (not addressing issues of safety, community or class sizes, and not really evenaddressing school size - 500-550 is still too big) and the last thing we intend not to do is go away.

So SEE YOU TOMORROW!! Even if only for a short while

The meeting tomorrow is an open meeting. People can attend but not speak. As far as I know you can just go in - i.e. you don't have to be accompanying a councillor or anything. If you have some free time in the afternoon please consider sticking around to go into the meeting - important to have observers, could put pressure on councillors and, even aside from that, it'll be good for us to have evidence of what's been discussed.

PS I went in and viewed the submissions today and will
post something about my impressions of them when I get
a chance.
All the best
Bob, 11:00 AM


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